COVID-19 Impact On New Mesothelioma Cases In Italy

As per a study done in Italy, the COVID-19 pandemic had little or no impact on the new cases of mesothelioma. Due to this, the vitiations were not homogeneous throughout the country.


Please note that Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is a rare form of diseases which mainly spreads through the asbestos exposure. It all happens when long term asbestos comes into play and people get infected with it after a gap of so many years.

Loads of patients have been found infected with the mineral called asbestos in the past. Since asbestos is a known carcinogen, its use has been banned in most countries including the US, Italy, UK and more. In spite of this many companies are still being violating the norms and regulations prescribed to keep asbestos at bay.

The only thing that can help mesothelioma patients is their timely prognosis. It's because these measures taken to reconstruct the entire medical history as recounted by patient. This is to mainly document the previous exposure of a patient from asbestos exposure. 

If a person is found to have been exposed by this mineral, he is liable to get compensation by approaching to an experienced attorney to fight such cases in the court of law.

During COVID-19 pandemic, there was seen quite a delay in the diagnosis of various oncological diseases. It's because many department were converted into COVID-19 wards and because of this, various outpatient (OPD) activities had to be suspended.

As per a recent study conducted in this regard, it showed almost 39% decline in the diagnosis of cancers at secondary care hospital in Italy. This included so many forms of it. On an average, it was concluded that such diagnosis were decreased at the rate of 60% during the peak time of COVID-19 pandemic.

The above happened mainly due to the delay in testing and the non availability of testing tools and other equipment used. 

The above research was conducted primarily to ascertain the impact of COVID-19 cases on the number of new mesothelioma diagnosis in regards to the geographical area and the actual phase of the pandemic.

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