Marlborough Company Fined Up To $63k for Violating Asbestos Regulations

As per a news covered by the daily portal, Marlborough based company has been fined a hefty fee of $63k for violating asbestos regulations. 


The case came to light when an asbestos and mold removal company named Soriano Environmental, Inc was fined $62, 640 for violating asbestos regulation. The fine has been imposed by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The detail of penalty has come according to which the penalty is levelled against the company on the basis of work the company performed on as many as three residential properties in Newton and Brookline.

The above ruling came into force by the MassDEP press release from Tuesday. Earlier, the company had conducted a thorough review and came to know Soriano had completed the work of Asbestos abatement without bothering to fill the mandatory Asbestos Notification Form and fee.

As per an update in this regard, the company removed more asbestos material which is basically an insulating mineral and also a known carcinogen against what it was approved under the emergency waivers received each for the three construction sites.

Soriano will now have to pay up to $26,100 of the penalty for now. The company will also have the rest of the fine suspended for one year as long as the firm has no further violation.

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