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Asbestos Company Contacted By MPs to Pay £10m for Cancer Research

A new approach is made towards collecting funds for the research of cancer. To be precise, a leading asbestos company was approached recently by some active MPs to raise fund for the research of   mesothelioma , a deadly cancer which develops after a person gets exposed to   asbestos   for years. In order to have a detailed research on the above, the biggest manufacturer of asbestos was approached in a hope to collect at least £10m towards mesothelioma research. The parent company of Cape was actually approached by the all party group in regards to the health and occupational safety.  According to the documents released after having a tedious court battle revealed that it was Cape that originally provided some misleading reassurances related to the dangers of asbestos. Later, MPs also stated that all the documents basically revealed that Cape intentionally compromised the regulatory response of the government as they shared the sampling data quite selectively on the carcinogenic materi

Why Does India Still Trade & Use Asbestos?

There is a big question as why India still uses and trade the most hazardous mineral asbestos even today when it has been banned in most countries. As per an update, it was learnt that Russia basically supplies asbestos to India which it finally supplies to other nations. Asbestos is basically a cheap and heat resistant mineral found naturally on the earth. It has several other properties due to which its use has been more as compared to other minerals. But since asbestos poses a risk to the lives of people handling it, most countries have banned its use. Once it sets in the lining of lungs, it causes a number of dreaded conditions like lung cancer, mesothelioma and many others. There are a total of 6 types of asbestos found chrysotile – white asbestos happens to be the most common form of asbestos. Due to this, chrysotile is most commonly used as a building material, especially in roofing houses. As per an update from World Health Organization (W.H.O.), all forms of asbestos become

A British Sugar Worker Lost Life Due to Asbestos Related Cancer

Many patients in the past have won their legal battle after getting exposed to asbestos for long. A similar case came to the surface after a sugar worker lost his life after getting exposed to asbestos related cancer. The latest is that the family of a man, working in Ipswich has won a legal battle who lost his life after getting exposed to asbestos. In the legal battle that his family fought, he is known to have now recovered the cost of end of life care. Percy Bird, from Woodbridge is the one who worked for the British Sugar Factory for over a decade in Ipswich, from 1980 to 1990. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma 2 months before his death. Mesothelioma is basically a dreaded cancer that occurs over the lining of lungs and is most commonly associated with the exposure to asbestos. The problem is that a person who gets exposed to asbestos takes months or even years to get the symptoms of the disease. There are various conditions that take place after a person gets a prolong exposur

Asbestos Eradication Still Poses A Huge Problem In Johannesburg Schools

Asbestos Eradication : In order to get rid of asbestos related problems, Johannesburg's Gauteng Department of Education’s is committed. The department has done a lot to get rid of asbestos contamination in schools. But it has still not been fulfilled even after a deadline to remove asbestos contamination after a gap of 7 years. It was only last week when DA following an oversight visit to one of the affected schools. It was later confirmed that it falls under one of the 25 affected schools were earmarked for refurbishment to a brick and mortar school. Among several checks, the star also witnessed the current status of Randfontein Primary School that simply looked a simple school made up of mortar and brick until the authorities had a closer look. Although, the school looked normal from outside, it still had a layer of mortar and brick. But the authorities were amazed to find a layer of asbestos under the surface. The school was actually built in the year 1974 and can occ