One In Three Homes In Sydney Contains Asbestos

As per an analysis conducted on homes in Sydney made before 1990 is found to contain asbestos. Please note that asbestos is a dangerous mineral found naturally on earth.

asbestos in home

But when it is disturbed in any way, it starts exposes in the atmosphere. And when these asbestos fibers are inhaled, they become the reason of many diseases like mesothelioma.

And if you have a home with asbestos, make sure you don't remove it yourself. It's because when asbestos is disturbed or damaged, the mineral starts deteriorating on its own.

Also know that asbestos can be found throughout the home in fences, roofs, kitchens, laundries, floors, ceilings, bathrooms, walls, etc.

As per the findings, asbestos-related diseases claim lives of 4 times more people who die each year on our roads.

Please follow these 3 steps if you are about to renovate your home which contains asbestos:


Think Before You Act

Australia is a country counted among one of the highest rates of asbestos-related diseases globally. It's mainly because the use of asbestos is there in more than 3,500 homes that were built before 1990.

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Plan to avoid delays and cost blowouts

You need to understand that asbestos exposure for a long time can become the reason to develop cancer. It happens when asbestos fibers are damaged or disturbed.

And once it happens, these fibers enter in the lungs where they get deposited and cause serious medical conditions like mesothelioma.


Get licensed asbestos professional

If you are sure that your home contains asbestos, never go for its removal on your home. Instead, take the help of a professional.

For example, if you are about to renovate your home, simply contact a licensed asbestos professional.

In addition to it, he will also provide advice to tradespeople on how to protect everyone’s health and help you proceed safely.


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