Ipswich Poundland Fined £565,000 Over Asbestos Plan Failings

As per a post published on BBC, popular retailer Poundland has been fined £565,000 today. The fined is leveled due to a number of asbestos management failures by the brand.


It all happened when the Ipswich Borough Council prosecuted the popular brand after it failed in its initiatives to combat the spread of asbestos. The agency found flaws in its store in Carr Street in Ipswich between the years 2011 and 2018.

In the report published on the news portal, it was revealed that Poundland has admitted its offences regarding health and safety of people. In addition to this, the brand has been ordered to pay up to £75,000 in costs to the council during a hearing at Ipswich Crown Court.

After the fine leveled on the retailer, they apologized for failing to place their plans in place.

The report also suggested that before it happened to take on the former Woolworths store, the retailer conducted a thorough survey which concluded with the fact that there was the presence of asbestos in different locations throughout the building.

It was revealed that even after the inclusion of consultants to monitor the store precisely, Poundland couldn't afford to have a proper management of asbestos in place.

This also impacted in such a way that it imposed a danger on the lives of staff and consumers as there was no plans to make sure that there was no asbestos exposure.

Please note that the use of asbestos has already been banned in the UK since 1999. The law was imposed after the authorities found that inhaling asbestos fibers can become the cause of fatal diseases including cancer.

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How It Happened?

The portfolio holder for the council Alasdair Ross said, “This case shows how important it is for even the largest businesses to take seriously their legal requirement to manage asbestos in premises they use.

"Asbestos still kills around 5,000 workers each year... more than the number of people killed on roads.

"In cases of serious and long-standing failure, where identified shortcomings are not corrected in a timely manner, Ipswich Borough Council will take enforcement action, even if that means bringing a criminal prosecution."

In its response, the spokesperson for Poundland stated, "While the breaches in Ipswich largely occurred when Poundland was under different ownership, it goes without saying we're sorry for what happened." he said.

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