Wollert Asbestos Dump: A Joint Investigation Initiated By EPA, Victoria

Wollert Asbestos Dump: A joint investigation by EPA, Victoria has been initiated after reports of Wollert Asbestos Dump containing asbestos came to light. The detailed investigation has been triggered by the City of Whittlesea and Environment Protection Authority, EPA, Victoria.

Wollert Asbestos Dump

It all happened when the concerned officials found the waste lying by the side of Summerhill Road. This caused an initial inquiry to be conducted by the EPA which will soon investigate the matter and most probably prosecute the offenders.

As of now, the council has already removed the hazardous waste containing the deadly fibers of asbestos in the waste from the road side. 

The waste basically include timber roof gathering in the form of tiles. It also included sheeting containing asbestos. Meanwhile, the council has sent the waste for its safe and secured disposal.

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Wollert Asbestos Dump: A Joint Investigation Initiated By EPA, Victoria

Jeremy Settle, who's the newly appointed EPA northern metro regional manager stated that this is a routine problem that the authorities have to face. Workers have to face problems when they slowly and steadily come in contact with the asbestos exposure.

This is what he said when asked about the unattended Wollert Asbestos Dump, “Unscrupulous operators are known to avoid the cost of taking waste to a properly licensed facility for disposal or recycling, by dumping loads in rural areas, parks and state forests, creeks, and even back streets and industrial areas,” he said.

“They might be doing the building or demolition themselves, or they might present themselves as waste removal contractors, attracting unsuspecting customers by offering extra-low prices that undercut legitimate local businesses.

“The asbestos of any kind is subject to strong regulation and must be removed, packaged and transported properly to ensure it presents no hazard to the environment and community.” he further said.

The concerned official of the city stated that they spotted the waste while patrolling the area. He further stated that officials moved ahead to locate the building waste. They were mainly checking the source of this asbestos containing dump.

The concerned officer said that it's an illegal dump and shows how the manufacturer is unclear of dumping such a toxic waste which has been banned by the US law. In spite of this, it is lying there.

He also said that illegal dumping of toxic waste is causing the government hundreds of dollars that also creates an unsafe environment for the residents. And this menace needs to be stopped.

Meanwhile, all public members need to report to any sort of illegal dumping to the 24 hour hotline of EPA by simply calling calling 1300 372 842. You can also provide detail at epa.vic.gov.au/report-pollution/reporting-pollution.

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