Reuben College Gets Further Delay After Asbestos Found In Wall

Asbestos is so dangerous to human beings that it causes its effect during a long course of time. The preparation to build new Reuben college got a setback when it got further delayed. It happened after the presence of asbestos in its wall plaster.

reuben college

The preparations were already going on to build Oxford's new college. As per plans, the new college was to be handed over to the University this year. The college was to open after more than 30 years. But all plans failed after the discovery of asbestos in the wall plaster.

As per the latest reports, the new Oxford college will take another year to complete which means that it will b handed over to the university by 2023. 

It was in the year 2018 when the new post graduate college project was announced. In 2020 the work for the same was kick started. It all took an investment up to £71m pounds from a foundation named ‘Reuben Foundation’.

The main aim to create such a college is to have more research along with its innovative designs for the benefit of scholars studying there.

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Asbestos Found In Wall Plaster of the Building

Ever since the plan to open a new college was announced, there was an excitement and the refurbishment looked an ambitious one without any sort of delays. After the work initiated, the builders were shocked to find significant amount of asbestos.

Asbestos was discovered in the wall plaster of the science library. Today, use of asbestos is banned in the US and other regions mainly because its health hazard. The slow and steady inhalation of asbestos fibers leads to different type of cancer and other dreaded diseases.

As builders have already found the presence of asbestos in the significant amount, the next step to be taken by the authorities will be to remove it before anything else. Due to this, workers are currently banned to enter the site.

The area director of Morgan Sindall is James York who said,  “The lead into this project has been extremely challenging, and the building has thrown things at us that no one could have ever expected. I’m extremely proud of how the team has tenaciously stuck to the task and worked with the university and the college to create a solution to unlock what will now be a fantastic new facility.

The entire team has worked incredibly hard so far as the project involves a careful balance of improving the building whilst retaining features expected in a Grade II listed building. Once complete, we will hand over an outstanding teaching and social space which will attract students from far and wide.”

The original plan to make a new building also include the development of a brand new dinning hall along with some impressive vaulted ceilings. Along with that some special facilities to be given to create at least 4 different university museums in the basement.

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