How Tennessee Oncology Offers Mesothelioma Expertie

Tennessee Oncology is basically an eminent group of community based physicians who are also the best cancer care specialists found in the country. It's actually spread across 40 locations throughout the entire state.

Tennessee Oncology

Tennessee Oncology Offers Mesothelioma Expertise

Tennessee Oncology provides all the patients a special type of treatment when it comes to help them with best clinical expertise. It also gives them top notch cancer care and treatment options at various locations.

Using the above networking relationship of Tennessee Oncology, specialists tend to share all the latest scientific advancements and research. All the above makes it a better cancer care outcomes.

Patients who are suffering from rare disease like mesothelioma don't need to travel to find the best treatment available at any other location.

If they opt for Tennessee Oncology then they will find that there are as many as 30 Tennessee Oncology locations that offer on-site chemotherapy treatment. And this is the major arena of standard care of mesothelioma and related diseases.

One of the state's renowned medical oncologists Dr. B. Stephens Dudley has to say, “The size, strength and depth of our organization gives our patients a tremendous advantage, from diagnosis, to symptom management, to the latest treatments and clinical trials, he said.

It was in the year 2018 when Tennessee Oncology   joined the bandwagon of OneOncology which happens to be a national wide partnership program comprising some of the leading independent oncology practices further adding to the optimal strength and to give proper expertise of the program.


Access to Innovation at Tennessee Oncology

Tennessee Oncology has an access to the Sarah Cannon Research Institute. It includes a medical or clinical trial network which is so vast in the entire country. The name of Sarah Cannon often comes as she's known to have been involved in a number of new cancer therapy approvals for the last several decades.

In order to treat mesothelioma and other type of lung cancers, a highly specialized team of medical oncologists including Dr. Michel Kuzur and Dr. William Liggett (among others) are there.

Please note that the treatment to Tennessee Oncology is quite personalized which largely depends on the type and stage of type of cancer diagnosed.

Tennessee Oncology feels proud in providing excellent care to patients suffering from mesothelioma and other related medical ailments. In order to properly take care of such patients a team of patient-centered is always there.

The team also includes medical specialists, financial counselor, support specialist, health psychologist, and a nurse practitioner.

The treatment generally includes surgery along with vaccines, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, along with a follow up maintenance therapy.

Dr. Victor Gian, who's an eminent medical oncologists has to say, “Our group is always ahead of the curve in treatment outcome,”. He further added, “Early on, we saw the benefit of clinical research to our patients. We believe and practice innovation.”


Mesothelioma Clinical Trials at Tennessee Oncology

Please note that following mesothelioma clinical trials at Tennessee oncology:


It involves a phase first or second clinical trial where the study to its effectiveness related to a drug INCAGN01876 is done. It basically helps activate a pateint's immune system. When this drug is given in combination with ipilimumab (Yervoy) and nivolumab (Opdivo), it is known to give some great effects while treating metastatic malignancies, including mesothelioma.

A second phase of clinical trial is basically designed to mainly study some recommended dosage levels for T-cells that are genetically engineered. These T-cells are used to fight cancers that are known to express some high levels of mesothelin, which often includes mesothelioma.



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