In Mice, A Potential New Treatment Eradicates Ovarian And Colorectal Cancer In Days

In the new type of cancer treatment conducted by scientists on mice, it has been established that Colorectal and ovarian cancers were completely eradicated. The treatment affected in such a way that it eradicated advanced level of ovarian and colorectal cancers within a span of 6 days.

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But the scientists have tested this new therapy only in mice so far. And if the results continue to be promising, they might go ahead and test it in humans as well. As per an update, the early human trial will be done only after the end of this year.

The treatment basically involves very small 'drug factory' beds. They are implanted into the body of the mice which further deliver continuous and high dosages of interleukin-2 (IL2) – a natural compound which is found in WBC, used to fight against invading cancerous cells.

This is what one of the researchers from Texas has to say, "We just administer once, but the drug factories keep making the dose every day, where it's needed until the cancer is eliminated," he said.

"Once we determined the correct dose – how many factories we needed – we were able to eradicate tumors in 100 percent of animals with ovarian cancer and in seven of eight animals with colorectal cancer." he added.

Please know that Interleukin-2 comes under the class of immune system-triggering proteins, also known as cytokines. These are specialized to fight tumor cells quite effectively.


In Mice, A Potential New Treatment Eradicates Ovarian And Colorectal Cancer In Days

For over a long period of time cytokines are being implied in cancer treatment, especially for renal carcinoma and melanoma treatment.

Right now, the researchers are having an issue of cytokines as they help fighting tumors quite effectively, while avoiding somewhat higher levels of inflammation in the rest of the body. And this causes some dramatic side effects.

Now, in the study conducted, these beds are inserted in the peritoneum which is a sac like lining found around the intestines along with other body organs like abdominal cavity, ovaries, intestines.

Once these beds are inserted, it enables the drug to target the cancer cells without affecting the body in terms of weight or volume.

If the above dose of interleukin-2 is given by an IV drip, it may become toxic. But in these cases, it actually works due to its high concentration as focused on tumor cells.

"We found foreign body reactions safely and robustly turned off the flow of cytokine from the capsules within 30 days," says Veiseh. "We also showed we could safely administer a second course of treatment should it become necessary in the clinic."

"In this study, we demonstrated that the 'drug factories' allow local administration of interleukin-2 and eradication of tumors in several mouse models, which is very exciting," says one of the researchers.

The above research has been published in Science Advances

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