Early Detection Saves Women from Breast, Cervical Cancer, Say Experts

On Sunday, various health experts met and discussed the health issues prevailing in the society. Out of many, there are ever rising number of cases including breast cancer and cervical cancer that have surged in the recent past.

cervical cancer

Throwing more light on this, experts stated that early detection in such cases can definitely ensure a complete recovery for such patients.

Since more cases are coming in at the Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Visakhapatnam along with Venkata Padma Hospital in Vizianagaram, experts had to hold a joint meeting and conducted a free screening camp for women on the occasion of World Women’s Day to be celebrated on March 8.


Early Detection Saves Women from Breast, Cervical Cancer, Say Experts

While addressing media personal, Venkata Padma Hospital managing director M. Venkateswara Rao stated that thousands of women are losing their lives every year mainly due to the improper education and awareness towards the treatment and knowledge towards different life threatening ailments.

They stressed the need that women should gain enough education and support, especially for the above two types of cancers that are more predominant in the society for a while.

Gandhi Cancer Hospital CEO A.M.A. Manimuthu stated that the recent usage of advanced technology in the treatment options is going to help patients get accurate details and feedback within no time.

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