Cancer cases Rising Among Adolescents & Young Adults, ICMR Study

As per a recent cancer study conducted by the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)) in Hyderabad, it has been established that cancer cases are rising among young adults who fall in the age group between 15 years and 39 years.


The data is available in Population Based Cancer Registries (PBCR) cross the country including Hyderabad.

The research has indicated that most cancer cases have been detected in such younger aged group of people and are generally of tongue, mouth and leukaemia in males. There are similar cases found comprising thyroid and breast cancers among females.


Cancer cases Rising among Adolescents & Young Adults, ICMR Study 

The recent ICMR study was published by Elsevier in a Science journal on March 5. As per the above research, it was established beyond doubt that by the year 2025, the total number of cancer cases among both the genders in young and adolescent age group category are going to rise up to 1, 78,617.

For example, in the 13-39 age group category of people cancer cases were found to be higher among females as compared to males. For example, the cancer of tongue, mouth, thyroid and breast are found to be on a higher side.

In addition to this, the cervical cancer cases were found to be somewhat declined in the last two decades.

The ICMR researchers stressed the need to spread more awareness among people regarding the rising number of cancer cases. If there will be more awareness among people towards different life threatening diseases like cancer, people will be more vigilant and will prevent any such causality in future.

This is what ICMR said, “Cancers in the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) population are a concern. Since AYA oncology appears to be evolving in India, a robust healthcare system and suitable AYA cancer care policies and programs are strongly needed to improve disease outcomes and survival,” it said.

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