Sublingual Immunotherapy Effectiveness In Treating Lung Cancer

Sublingual Immunotherapy: In the recent study conducted on the topic of sublingual immunotherapy, which happens to be quite an innovative alternate to allergy shots widely shows that it is actually an effective treatment and hope to hundreds of sufferers.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Dr. Sandra Lin, who conducted the study in this regard, gives some more exclusive knowledge regarding the effectiveness of Sublingual Immunotherapy.

What is sublingual immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is something that employs treating the cause of allergies. The treatment actually involves against the allergies to which a person is allergic to. In this exercise, the patients is able to boost his immunity levels against all the allergens and other allergic symptoms. 

Sublingual immunotherapy comes in the form of injection immunotherapy which is often given in the form of shots. While sublingual immunotherapy is the one in which patients are given drops under the tongue.

How does the entire process work?

First of all, a patient is tested with his allergies. In other words, the person is researched about the allergy to which he is affected to the most. After the above research is conducted, the patient is given a few drops under his tongue.

In the entire process of treating patients with sublingual immunotherapy, the patient is monitored for some initial months. This phase hat covers a period up to 4 months escalation phase where the dosage is gradually increased.

After this whole exercise, the patient is given the fixed number of drops each day.

Is sublingual immunotherapy safe?

Please note that Is sublingual immunotherapy is quite safe both for children and adults. Patients are allowed to take these drops while at home instead of going to the doctor every time they need to administer the shot.

Most recently, WHO (World Health Organization) has endorsed sublingual immunotherapy as a viable alternative to injection immunotherapy.

Does sublingual immunotherapy work?

As per studies conducted by many renowned scientists, sublingual immunotherapy significantly reduces the allergic symptoms.

How long the treatment Goes?

In most cases, it is recommended that patients continue the treatment for 3-5 years so that their body start building up their own immunity naturally.

How do I start sublingual immunotherapy?

In order to do that, you need to first consult your doctor regarding the treatment of the same. You can later get the appointment of your doctor in this regard where he will brief you about the pros and cons of sublingual immunotherapy.

Once your doctor identifies the causes or allergens you are affected the most, he can go ahead with the treatment plan and further coarse of action.

What are the costs?

Please note that most treatment plans don't cover the cost incurred in sublingual immunotherapy. It's because it is considered as an FDA 'off lebel' use. 

When you compare it with allergy shots, sublingual immunotherapy becomes a more economical choice as the cost comes around $2 per day for the average patient.

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