Study Confirms Thoracoscopy Accuracy for Diagnosing Mesothelioma

Thoracoscopy: When we have to discuss about the cases of mesothelioma or similar diseases due to asbestos exposure, then there are various techniques that can be employed to get the proper diagnosis. But most of the time, these techniques are time consuming which means the diagnosis takes somewhat longer than predicted. 


As per the latest research conducted in the UK, doctors have given indication of the use of a technique called thoracoscopy which is also considered as a common minimally invasive procedure, is quite safe and gives precise results as well.

Thoracoscopy is a Less Invasive Option for Mesothelioma Patients

When the cases of mesothelioma start pilling up, it becomes an urgent need to devise such a procedure which is non invasive or minimal invasive and give accurate results. Since Thoracoscopy fulfills all such requirements, it's being frequently used in the treatment of mesothelioma.

The tool is not just limited in treating mesothelioma patients but also used for some other procedures like inserting medicine into a specific area of lungs, pleural lining to stop fluid from returning and removal of excess fluid from the lungs.

The latest research in this regard has been conducted by a team of researches from Northumbria HealthCare NHS Foundation Trust in Northumberland. They have included their latest findings in the journal Pleura and Peritoneum. 

They used Thoracoscopy and took tissue samples for biopsy mainly due to the “high diagnostic sensitivity”. The above procedure is mainly recommended as it helps avoid undergoing general anesthesia or a kind of more invasive procedure which is painful and having higher risk of complication.

Less Invasive Diagnostic Procedure Yields Mesothelioma Diagnosis

Avinash Aujayeb, who's the lead researcher stressed the need for physicians to use latest techniques like Thoracoscopy. he also said there should imply best practices while giving sedatives to mesothelioma patients. He also wrote that those who are mesothelioma suspects can actually realize the benefits from the use of thoracoscopy diagnosis. 

This is what he wrote, “In this cohort, local anesthetic medical thoracoscopy was safe, effective, and enabled high diagnostic sensitivity,” he wrote. As per the above, patients only require an average of 4 fortnights in the hospital. In most cases, there are 97.5 percent accuracy in diagnosing cancer.

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