New Study Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe for Cancer Patients

COVID-19 Vaccines: As per a new study conducted in cancer patients who are receiving different lines of treatment including chemotherapy, radiation and Immunotherapy are safe to take COVID-19 vaccines.

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To be precise, it was revealed during a study on patients that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are quite effective to provide protection against COVID-19.

Earlier, doctors had concerns if these vaccines would be safe for cancer patients whose immune systems are not only weaker but also react quite differently to the shots.

New Study Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe for Cancer Patients

In spite of the above, there are some cancer patients having concerns regarding the possible reactions of such COVID-19 vaccines given to them in anyway. The highest suspicion is among those patients who are receiving treatment against cancer like immunotherapy, radiation and chemotherapy.

Dr. Eric Horwitz of Fox Chase Cancer Center says, “What the study showed was, in fact, cancer patients are no different than non-cancer patients in how they react to these vaccines and that it absolutely is safe,” he says.

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