World Health Organization (WHO) Opens A New Site Cleansed of Asbestos

As per an update coming from the office of World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva, the organization is reported to have opened a new building where all the official work will be operated. Its old building, which is a 1960's structure will be cleansed and refurbished of asbestos.


In the recent past, World Health Organization (WHO) has given a tough fight to COVID-19 pandemic by providing all the viable measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The recent move by the organization will be a new dimension towards working in better conditions.

The renowned UN agency recently held its first news conference where Journalists from all directions looked ushered into the brand new structure. It was actually connected by a clear passageway along with a wide spaced pantry.

This is what WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated, “The last time we hosted you, in July last year, none of us could have imagined that almost 18 months later, we would still be in the grip of the pandemic.”

The new structure is reported to have been designed by a Swiss architect named Jean Tschumi. He's known to have designed a 1960's building with new aluminum sun visors and glass facade. He's getting all the appreciation by creating such a new brand structure which is being considered as gems of modernism.

Bernard Tschumi, who's the son of the architect, was among the jury who got the privilege to select the latest design for the expanded WHO campus.

This is what he told to the media, “Our Sunday morning walks were on construction sites”, Bernard Tschumi said.

He further added, “The appropriate precautionary measures will be taken to contain and remove any asbestos (or other harmful material) in accordance with local building codes and health and safety legislation.”

One of the WHO spokespersons stated that he had no additional information regarding the removal of asbestos. Asbestos exposure for a long period of time generally becomes the cause of serious diseases including cancer of the lung, ovaries and larynx.

It was only the last month when WHO opened its new premises for all. The conference included the presence of health minister who earlier endorsed a proposal for a new agreement to prevent future pandemics.

“The building renovation aims to increase site efficiency and decrease operational budget, by investing in a long-term modern, high standard and energy-efficient building,” it said.

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