A Contractor Fined $223K for Spreading Asbestos Related Hazard

As per a news published on Business Insurance, a contractor, hailing from Kansas has been charged a hefty fine for spreading asbestos and related hazardous mineral into the environment.

asbestos exposure

The contractor is currently engaged in rehabilitating buildings in Kansas City’s Troost commercial district. As per the charges leveled against him, the contractor continues to expose workers to asbestos and other related minerals which fall in the category of hazardous and life threatening substances.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Compass Resources LLC for failing to follow federal respiratory protection requirements, provide drinking water and hygiene facilities and remove damaged electrical cords.

Contractor Found Guilty for Exposing Asbestos Fibers Among Workers

As per the complaint received in this regard, OSHA has already issued 8 serious violations and one repeat violation. And so, the contractor has been leveled a penalty of $223,329 (to be precise). In addition to the above, the agency has also issued an alert letter for asbestos and related minerals due to their heat exposure nature.

The inspection was actually conducted three times. It was first conducted in November 2018. It was conducted for the second time in December 2020. The most recent inspection was conducted in January 2021 which resulted in some additional citations against the said contractor.

He's been charged for keeping inadequate protective equipment that led to asbestos exposure. In some cases, it also became the reason of lead exposure as well.

In luau of all the above, the department has therefore referred Compass Resources for collecting nonpayment of $186,337 in prior penalties.

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