What Does Asbestos Look Like: Common Asbestos Related Queries

What Does Asbestos Look Like: Common Asbestos Related Queries: We have mentioned earlier in our previous posts, asbestos happens to be a hazardous mineral which is generally found in the building material or at a construction site.

what does asbestos look like

This is the reason why you should always beware about its presence. For example, if you are a worker who have to report daily at any such places and are not sure whether asbestos is present, you should not start work unless proper protection is there.

It's because the mineral can cause damage your well being once it gets swallowed and goes inside the body. So, even if you have a feeling that a particular place has the presence of asbestos, never start work. Let your supervisor or manager comes in and decides about the presence of the mineral.

After researches are going on, scientists are able to nail down different aspects of asbestos. The mineral is quite hazardous and people need not come in its contact if otherwise necessary.

Even if you have to work at any such places, you need to follow all the guidelines before you start at any such place or construction site. Studies have identified different types of asbestos in nature. And this is how you all need to stay away from this mineral in the open.

Today, scientists and researchers are able to count all the ill effects of this mineral that you should avoid before even thinking to contact at such places. 

In this blog post, we are going to discuss about what does asbestos look like. This is not a query but something you should be well aware before knowing its properties well enough.

Take a look below how asbestos actually looks like and also the different type of asbestos occurring naturally.

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Loose fill asbestos fiber

Loose fill asbestos fiber

This type of asbestos is sometimes found in fire doors. They can also be found in paper bags that sound like paper bags (look like jiffy bags). 

So, basically, this type of asbestos is found in fire doors that looked like look like jiffy bags). The asbestos exposure is likely to occur if manhandled in any way.

It's basically found on floor joints for the purpose of making sound proof. Please note that this type of asbestos is in the form of a fiber.

In other words, any sort of disturbance to this kind of asbestos will simply send the small fibers of this asbestos into the air.

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Asbestos sprayed coatings

Asbestos sprayed coating

Due to their dangerous nature, they can be basically found columns and steelwork to provide fire protection. They also have the presence underside of roofs. Likewise, these fibers can also be found outside of walls, ceilings and walls for proper insulation.

Also, please note that these asbestos fibers are prone to the high risk of fiber release, especially after they are handled inappropriately. At this time, they are at higher risk of fiber release.

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Asbestos thermal insulation

Asbestos thermal insulation

These fibers may be hand applied or pre formed. They can be painted, wrapped or sealed with a very hard plastic (often containing asbestos). They can also sometime clad with metal or are also painted with carbon (like bitumen) for protection.

In the same way, there are some other minerals that are also used for insulating purpose like corrugated paper, ropes, tapes, blankets and more. Like the above they are also at the high risk of their fiber release.

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Asbestos insulating board (AIB)

Asbestos insulating board

This kind of asbestos is also known as Asbestos insulating board (AIB). It's often used in premises for internal partition walls, linings and also for fine protection like fire doors and fire breaks.

They are also used at some other places like ceiling tiles, thermal insulation and acoustic tiles. In the same ways, they are also present around the area to the life shafts, multi-story buildings and stairwells


Asbestos cement products

Asbestos cement products

Asbestos cement is basically a mixture of chrysotile and cement which has a concentration of asbestos when found in the dry state. 

It's mainly found in a desired promotion when it is found when it absorbs less than 30% water by weight. As per an update UK imported around 40% used in asbestos cement.


Asbestos textured coatings

Asbestos textured coating

It's basically used to produce decorative finishes on the walls and ceilings. In the early times, they were called by some other names like "Artex". 

Now, you don't actually need a license to work on these materials. But it's mandatory that those who are working with such materials need to have a proper training before they go out to work.

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 Asbestos paper, felt and card

Asbestos paper, felt and card

They are also used as a fire protection and general heat insulation purpose. They are used in various electrical plant and equipment. Please note that asbestos paper is used in the manufacture of roofing felt damp-proof courses.

In the same ways, there are some other type of asbestos that look differently than above. They are like Asbestos reinforced plastics, Compressed asbestos fiber gasket, Asbestos ARC shield/chutes, Asbestos bitumen products and more.







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