Upton Contractor Penalized $40k for Violating State Asbestos Regulations

An Upton contractor has come under the lens after he demolished a property that he actually owned in Franklin. After he demolished the building, he was charged a $40,150 penalty for violating state asbestos regulations.

The penalty was imposed to the contractor by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). It's an agency dedicated to protect the environment in the state.

The above update was released by the MassDEP on Thursday after the contractor, named Nathan Odell decided not only to demolish the residence but also to barn the property situated at Lincoln Street.

The main issue was that he failed to produce any licensed asbestos contractor. Further, he didn't bother to remove all the asbestos containing material from the building before demolishing it.

After he was found guilty of the crime, he was imposed a huge penalty. Earlier, the investigation spotted a licensed inspector who later identified the material from the residence.

But Odell didn't bother to listen to the officer and simply demolished the building and tried to dispose all the debris at a nearby transfer station which is obviously not permitted by MassDEP as it contained waste material with asbestos.

At the same time, the contractor failed to inform MassDEP about the removal work initiated by him. As per the law, he should have followed proper guidelines to dispose waste material containing asbestos. 

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