How to Handle the Growing Danger of Asbestos in Schools?

The cases of asbestos negligence continue to be on the rise in the UK. But there is a much serious issue which has been detected recently. As per the findings from Irvine Hartlepool and Tilly Bailey's schools have been found to be in the growing dangers of asbestos.


In other words, due to the continuous negligence from different facets of the society, schools have become just another institution where you can find all the negligence related to asbestos and its products.

As per the data collected during a survey conducted in the year 2018, it has now been revealed that over 87% schools then confirmed that they had the presence of asbestos in at least one location.

Now, this is quite alarming as schools would then have direct impact on children that would become a serious menace to the society. In that  sense, there is an urgent need to look for ways to curb this at any cost.

After the report came out to the surface, lobbying started to sort out this issue by creating a Joint Union Asbestos Committee.

Looking at the constant asbestos exposure, it's quite likely that schools will become the next entity (may be in the future) to proceed for asbestos claims. Schools include a wide group of staff including the maintenance staff, pupils, teachers, administrative staff and more.

The entire thing came out to the surface when Mark Ellis of Tilly Bailey & Irvine reported that an asbestos related claim was launched in the national press on the 6 November 2020.

The entire story was also covered by BBC that the family of Terry McLoughlin who's a former teacher in Swindon lost his life due to mesothelioma in the year 2018. And now, he has settled the case after filling the proper mesothelioma lawsuit.

This is what he said, “It appears that amongst other things Mr McLoughlin used asbestos gloves to clean and refurbish asbestos kilns that had been installed for onsite ceramic art lessons."

TBI Solicitors are of the opinion that due to the presence of asbestos and related products found in schools, this is not going to be the only case of monetary claim to be settled before the court.

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In fact, they have a team of solicitors at most of the places covering the entire UK including Yorkshire, Newcastle, Tees Valley, Teesside and Durham.




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