4 Cancers Types Linked To Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure basically meant some fibers reaching the lungs and accumulating there. Over the passage of time, it causes the irritation of lung cells leading to certain types of lung cancer like mesothelioma.

asbestos exposure

Now, when it comes to exposing of asbestos, there are two ways that play crucial role in this. One is inhaling the asbestos fibers and other is swallowing them.

Asbestos fibers play a crucial role in causing such medical ailment, especially to those involve in the construction work. These people include construction supervisors, laborers, electricians and more.

All such people have the chances to undergo the exposure of this naturally occurring mineral. In the same ways, asbestos exposure can also happen in cases of a building demolition or renovation.

Most of the times, the older lining of asbestos is disturbed at the time of construction or any other such thing. The whole process triggers asbestos fibers into the atmosphere and become the cause of such ailments.

In the same ways, you can also be exposed to asbestos if you swallow it in any way. For example, if you tend to consume liquids or food having the presence of asbestos, it can slowly become the cause of the disease.

Another reason of getting asbestos exposure is the drinking water that flows through asbestos containing cement pipes. This can also become the cause.

When asbestos fibers are inhaled, the instantly travel to the wind pipe and get slicked to the mucus in the throat. There are chances of them to be removed while coughing or swallowing.

But increased exposure of such fibers can reach the lining of lungs (pleura) where they tend to irritate lung cells and become the reason of lung cancer or mesothelioma. Take a look at some of the most common cancer forms that are linked to the exposure of asbestos:

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Mesothelioma happens to be the most common form of cancer that arise due to the exposure of asbestos. It's a rare form of cancer that covers both the abdominal and lung cavity.

It may also include the membranes that surround other organs as well. The biggest problem is that signs or symptoms do appear only after 30-40 years after the exposure of asbestos.


Take look at the most common symptoms: 

·       dry or wheezing cough

·       pain in chest/abdomen

·       difficulty breathing

·       respiratory complications

·       fluid around lungs

·       fatigue


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Lung cancer 

This is a very well known example of the asbestos exposure which often becomes the cause of lung cancer. It's basically a malignant tumor that blocks and invades air passages of the lung cavities.

Those who frequently smoke nicotine coupled with the exposure of asbestos can really enhance the chances of lung cancer. Most of the time, it has seen that such cases do arise or detect only after a gap of 15 years or more after the person has got infected with asbestos.


Take a look at the symptoms: 

·       persistent coughing

·       chronic respiratory infections

·       chest pain/discomfort

·       coughing up blood

·       shortness of breath


 Laryngeal cancer

Larynx is most commonly known as sound box or Adam's apple. It's basically a muscular organ that paves the way for air to enter into the lungs. Now, after the person gets exposed to asbestos, there are chances that he or she may develop laryngeal cancer.

Technically speaking, a person gets 40% chances to develop this form of cancer if he is exposed to asbestos for long. Those who have to work in the highly prone areas of exposure to this naturally occurring mineral include professions like miners and textile workers.

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Take a look at the symptoms of Laryngeal cancer:


·       lump or swelling in neck

·       sounding horse  

·       difficulty/pain swallowing

·       persistent sore/aching throat



Ovarian cancer

Do you know that over 20,000 women are diagnosed with this type of cancer each year? Well, as per the data collected by American Cancer Society, working women may get a possible risk of getting exposed to asbestos.

Such women generally have the chances to develop ovarian cancer in their life. It's mainly because the inhaled asbestos fibers may travel to ovaries.

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4 Cancers Types Linked To Asbestos Exposure

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Take a look at the symptoms below:


·       frequent need to urinate

·       back pain

·       pelvic/abdominal pain

·       fatigue

·       pain during sex

·       bloating


Well, there are some other types of cancers that are also associated with the exposure to asbestos including colorectal, pharynx and stomach. To get more details on asbestos exposure, click here.




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