Most Common Occupations Having A High Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Most Common Occupations Having A High Risk of Asbestos Exposure: There is nothing which is less dangerous while working with asbestos. At the same time, there are no safe levels of the asbestos exposure. It's mainly because the exposure to the naturally occurring mineral can become the cause of pleural mesothelioma and other related anomalies.

asbestos exposure

Talking about the occupations, there are several ones that often have to come in the contact with asbestos including industrial workers, military veterans and mechanics that were found exposed with asbestos while performing their everyday duties.

It's not the only fact that asbestos exposure can be harmful t health but those who come in contact with the mineral indirectly also have dangers.  This is the prime reason why thousands of workers have been affected directly or indirectly due to the asbestos or related products exposure.

Now, the thing is that if anyone of you have been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other similar condition; you can easily file a claim for compensation without any regrets. In most cases, people are found exposed decades ago and their old employer is not in business. Well, even if such a thing exists in your case, you are required to speak to a concerned mesothelioma attorney to better file a claim for suitable compensation.

Who Are the Workers At Most Risk?

There are some industries that are prone to get affected due to the asbestos exposure or related products. In other words, there are high chances that you find asbestos related disorders among workers hailing to certain industries like maritime and construction industries.

Please have a look at some of the industries that are at most risk:


Aircraft Mechanics

The first industry is Aircraft mechanics who are involved in working, and maintenance of helicopters, airplanes and some other airborne vehicles that are involved to better keep hydraulics, mechanical systems and engines work most efficiently.

In addition to this, such workers basically work at airfields, repair stations and hangers. Talking about the asbestos and related materials, they are mostly found in a plethora of aircraft components like wiring, gaskets and brake pads.

The first time when it was found in the workers of military and Civilian mechanics who were responsible to repair, install and maintain the aircraft components. In that connection, one thing that appears which is often revealed.

Hundreds of Air Force veterans from the US during 1930s-1980s were found affected with asbestos as a number of aircraft components contained the dreaded mineral at that time.

As per a study conducted in this regard, it was found that there happens to be a high risk of asbestos exposure among workers involved in repair and maintenance work of aircrafts. Right after that so many cases of sarcomatoid mesothelioma started coming to the surface in workers involved in the repair works on aircrafts. Some of them started growing asbestosis, pleural mesothelioma and asbestosis after getting exposed to asbestos.

As you know, it takes decades to appear symptoms due to the exposure of the mineral. Sometimes, it takes 15-60 years to develop symptoms of the disease. Some of the symptoms include wheezing, chest pain and shortness of breath. In fact, all of them are the most common symptoms.



Boilermakers also come with the history of asbestos related cancers. They have found exposed with asbestos and related products. Boilermakers basically work at large industrial sites, ships and power plants. They work to maintain, repair, assemble and install huge boilers and other vessels and tanks.

As boilermakers usually work on large boilers, plumbers work at home. Boilers are generally divided into 2 groups:

·        Field boilers located at sites 

·        Package boilers found or assembled at job sites      

Boilers are not alone but are assembled with some other equipment like fans, valves, pumps along with soot blowers that contain a specific amount of asbestos. As per an update, any boilmaker who has previously worked on boilers (before 2000) is most likely to have exposed from these vessels.

Probably, this is the reason why boilmakers have been categorized as a kind of job which is prone to involve substantial risk of asbestos exposure. Please note that asbestos mainly present in boilers along with associated equipment like valves and pumps. 

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As the name suggests, a bricklayer is one who lays bricks and pre cuts stones. At the same time, he also makes concrete blocks in mortar which is further used for the construction work. It's also used to repair and construct walls, arches, foundations, boilers, walls and other structures using mortar and cement.

Please note that masonry workers, brick masons and Bricklayers were first exposed to asbestos and related products during 1960-1980. One of the reasons that became the cause of asbestos exposure in such workers is that they never used any protective appliance like mask (respirators) or cared to use wet saws to reduce the level of dust particles.

It's clear that asbestos exposure is one of the major hazards for masons and bricklayer. In addition to these workers, those who remain in the close proximity of brick kilns and construction sites have chances to have some exposure to asbestos.



Like other workers, carpenters are also involved in many types of works like installing walls, building walls, products made from woods, door frames and other works. At the same time, they also cut various materials and give them proper shapes. Most of the times, carpenters are involved in making products of wood.

Carpenters also have a connection with asbestos like other mentioned ones. A number of products were actually built containing asbestos and similar materials like

·        Flooring backing

·        Cement wallboard

·        Vinyl wall coverings

·        Vinyl floor tile and sheet flooring

·        Asphalt floor tile

·        Siding  

·        Caulking/putties

·        Flooring backing

Carpenters might have been exposed to asbestos lately, they have some other reasons of getting themselves exposed. One of the reasons is that they have to work in the close proximity of other workers who have to precisely work with asbestos containing substances.

The reason why carpenters came in the direct contact of asbestos exposure is due to the fact that they never used any sort of protection while working on the sites. For example, they should have used face masks or other respiratory devices to better protect themselves while working directly on the construction sites.

Today, when the awareness due to asbestos and related products are growing everywhere, the government has also played a major role to curb the above menace. The government has come up with some more protection ideas like covering face with masks or any other respiratory protection devices.

Cement Finishers

They are also known as masons who have to work with cement at construction sites. They basically have to build various types of structures to hold concrete and pour in freshly prepared mixed cement. After that they have to spread it smoothly and level it out.

In the meantime, they have to monitor the concrete and harden it to make sure that the final product is well hardened and waterproof after it is completely dried.

The kind of work that these workers are involved in have also to fight with asbestos exposure. It's because it has been found that the place or environment where these cement workers have to work (construction sites) happens to be a high risk environment for asbestos exposure.

This is the time they use to get exposed to asbestos. This mainly happens after a cement finisher works on site and gets involved in the maintenance or modeling of sites. In short, they have the danger of getting exposed to asbestos and related products at all times.


Electricians also have risks of getting exposed to asbestos while work. It's mainly because they have to work on electrical boxes, panels, motors and wires at all times. And so, they have to work either at home or any commercial building for wiring and other electric fault.

It has been found that electricians have to work directly on the asbestos related products and also have to remain present in the close proximity of other workers where risk is equally involved. The products that electricians use include electrical panel, boxes and more have asbestos insulating materials. It's mainly used for the insulation of these products.

Arc chutes are one of the most common electrical products that are used to prevent electrical arcs. In doing so, they often use electrical board to line various electrical products. These products are also loaded with gaskets as a sealing material.


As the name suggests, firefighters basically respond to fire and other emergency services. As per the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), out of all firefighters, close to 70% happen to be volunteers.

It's very common to see firefighters coming in contact with asbestos and dust while coming in contact with such material. They can be easily exposed to different asbestos materials from Fire equipment, Fire engines, Fire uniforms and Fire pumps.

They are also involved in the prevention of buildings at times. But they are exposed to asbestos during inspection of Building materials, Valves, Pumps, Boilers and other equipment.

As per a study conducted in this regard, mesothelioma rates are found to have been 2-3 times higher than the overall US population.

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Foundry Workers

We have yet another occupation that can also have the probability to allow asbestos exposure to its workers. Well, we are taking about Foundry workers who have to work at factories who are involved to make metals like copper, bronze, iron, steel and more.

Foundry workers can also get exposed to asbestos using a number of ways. The kind of equipment that they work can really make them pay a hefty price as they are mostly incorporated with the presence of asbestos in them.

Some of them include valves, ovens, pumps, furnaces and tanks. All these instruments have the presence of asbestos in the form of an insulating layer. For example, if you look at tanks, you can find their tops are made up of asbestos.

Similar to other occupations, foundry workers may have been exposed to asbestos at the time of installation of machinery and their parts. Even at this time, foundry workers who have not protected themselves by wearing face masks and other respiratory devices have high chances of getting exposed to asbestos.



Laborers have the high risk of asbestos exposure as they have to work directly on the construction sites. In addition to this, they also have to clean the site, remove debris and other material.

In that sense, construction laborers are more prone to get themselves exposed to asbestos than any other worker. One reason is that they have to constantly work on various materials and equipment containing asbestos.

These kinds of workers were found exposed with asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma. Most of the times, symptoms of mesothelioma include chest pain, loss of appetite and pleural effusion. In such cases, you need to consult your doctor.

These workers always remain at greater risk of getting exposed to asbestos at all times even if they follow all the norms and safety precautions. It's because the asbestos particles may remain in the air and settle on their clothing. And this can pose a greater risk to their families as well.



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